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I think Nimue Sock in Peacock is my current favorite. That could change at any time - depending on what I want to make!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Such lovely colors! My choice would be Grey Goose in Nimue sock. I think it would make a gorgeous, versatile shawl. Sometimes it’s giid to have a shawl that goes with everything. Black Forest ran a very close second and I think the two together would make a great combination in a shawl or cowl. It’s chilly this morning in Vermont and I’m finding it interesting that my color choices are more reflective of winter than summer. I expect if it had been 90 degrees and humid, I’d have chosen something in the blue/purple range.

Maggie Corrigan

I like Miss Anne Elliot, and not just because of the name!


What beautiful yarns! I love her Rhiannon sock and the color Mr Wednesday is just terrific!


Love your WIP photos. Looks like you have a lot of wonderful projects on the go. That is so nice of your friend to get you the gift. Hope you have a great weekend


Beautiful gifts!! Love your work Andi!! Happy knitting!


Lovely yarns to choose from for the giveaway-I particularly love the Aerten Sock and so many color ways to choose from, but love "Splash"! Thank you for the opportunity!

Linda G Howell

Oh my! Rhiannon Sock in Spatterdash is gorgeous!!!


Always à pleasure to read you and see your WIP. I've taken some time to knit this weekend. It had been a while. Thanks for the lovely contest. I like Unicorn but Azalea and Blackberries came very close! Have a wonderful week!


I look forward to Sundays and reading your blog so much.
Rhiannon Sock Mr Wednesday! It's so fun!


Hi Andi:
My favourite yarn is "Rainbow in the Clouds". I think it would make a great song title too!


I love Heartbreaker in the Rhiannon Sock.

kathy Ellerton

OMG! I love the Dryad colorway. It reminds me of aspen and birch trees and would make a lovely pair of socks.


Would love the Custom Atina DK. This would make a beautiful accessory item

Kitten WAW

I'm more than ready for Autumn after so many days of 95 degrees or higher temps. That's why the Oktoberfest Gradient is calling me. Thanks for the giveaway. KittenWhiplash on rav.


Such pretty things in you WIP basket.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a great birthday celebration.


So hard to choose just one from all the beautiful yarns! I would like to try a gradient — Heirloom Roses caught my attention!


I adore Blackberries. Enjoy the rest of August!

Lee Ann

I love forget me not in aerten sock but they’re all beautiful


I feel as though I have fallen off the wagon for reading blogs. But I am going to try and get back on. Yarn mail is the best mail, am I right? Special gifts from people who thought of you at some point. I got yarn mail last week from my mom, who got me yarn in New Mexico on their vacation.

As for Wool Wonka, I have heard good things. Right now my favorite is probably the colorway Chawton Cottage. While I refuse to completely jump on the speckle bandwagon, I have been enjoying the very subtle speckles lately. That colorway looks like a good fit for that category :)

Have a great week Andi!


Well it's no surprise (check your mail on Friday) that people send you wee gifts.
I visited Anne's Wooly Wonka and found a couple faves: The Aerten sock in Unicorn plus the Heirloom Roses in her gradient.

Have a lovely week Andi.

Shannon Martinez

I am absolutely obsessed with knitting socks and still relatively new to knitting (self taught About 8 months ago) and I am currently working on my first sock pattern that has an actual design (My Cup of Tea Socks by Robin Lynn) in it! I would love to try this pattern in the Rhiannon sock yarn in the St. Tropez colorway, it’s beautiful! Thank you!


Love your Opal wool and how nice that you get such lovely gifts.

What a great name for a yarn store! My choice would be - Nimue Sock in Egalintine


The Mr. Wednesday colorway in the Rhiannon sock is one of my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway.


Blackberries! What a lovely purple!

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