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Jackie Webb

So true, I agree with your comment that people that think they aren’t knitters because they do t knit too much. I love the process of knitting. Sometimes ( well more than sometimes if I’m totally honest) what I make doesn’t turn out quite right, but I do so love the process and that’s all I’m bothered about really. ( I do hate sewing up though) which is why socks, hats and shawls are very popular. I don’t really care that my hubbie says “ but you only have one set of shoulders”.

Helen C

I love your blog Andi, your posts always seem so welcoming and personal, thanks for sharing! Knitting seems like a rewarding hobby, I go to a craft class where everyone brings a craft with them, and mostly knitting which is interesting to see. I tried knitting but struggled slightly so card making is my craft of choice at the class I go to. I get inspired by all sorts of crafts and enjoy chatting to others about creative ideas! :-) xx


I think as long as someone knits -- knits anything -- they are a knitter. Pure and simple. Even though I have been in a knitting drought, mostly because I'm distracted being involved in other things, I still consider myself a knitter. I hope those who don't feel they are can feel comfortable and confident to say out loud, I am a knitter. :-D

Storms. I feel that the extremes is so predominant this summer. Extreme storms; extreme heat this summer. For example, where I live, although it's common to be dry in summer it is not common to have high temperatures. We're a rainforest after all. But this year the heat and weeks of it is painful. So much heat that even the cedar and the big leaf maple trees are dying.

I always love seeing your pretty pictures of what you're knitting. Have a happy and fulfilling week Andi!

Robin Hunter

I agree with your perspective. We should get what we want out of our knitting without trying to live up to an external standard. I've noticed that a persons stress level in life leads them to simpler projects, if it's high. I suspect they're looking for the meditative calming knitting gives us when we keep it super simple.


Your observation is one of the reasons I follow designer Karie Westermann so avidly. She described a fellow knitter who came to one of her classes but didn't feel like a knitter because she had acrylic yarn and didn't use the fanciest needles. She encouraged the woman to take her things out, let her know that this was not an elitist class. Turned out the woman was a prolific knitter, better than many others with the fanciest of tools. Karie is a strong advocate against the exclusion attitude that can sometimes be a part of the yarn crafting community.

The knitting community for the most part is kind and embracing but there are definitely times when it can be separatist and exclusive. My advice to anyone who knits/crochet is to let go of the need to fit in, get in where you do fit in and let yarn crafting be a joy rather than a re-run of middle and high school -- it's not only the "cool" kids who can knit/crochet. Ignore the self proclaimed yarn snobs if they exclude you for using acrylic or non Signature needles. Find your tribe and settle with them. As long as you can use yarn (no matter the fiber content), two sticks and or a crochet hook to make something, you're a knitter/crocheter/fiber artist. Don't let anyone tell you different.


from the minute you manage to create a loop inside a loop and call it a knit stitch you are a knitter!!! my 'grands' are 'knitters'....they call me a 'grownup knitter'. But we're ALL knitters!!! By the way....I'd love it if you could send a storm or two my way. We're dry as a cork.


I put myself down too because I cannot produce so much. But I have begun accepting compliments from friends when they call me a master knitter. I am also accepting that lace work and intarsia bring me no joy so I stay away from those projects.
Your words help me get focused on what is good about knitting. As I slowly get projects done, I am reminded that the road is slow enough to appreciate other things.


I agree with the above comments saying that if you put yarn to needle ... you are a knitter.

I have found that the online community is mostly a very positive place, but there are a few "sour notes", especially when it comes to acrylic.

But what I think . . . it's ALL GOOD, it all depends what you are using it for. If YOU like it, it's GOOD yarn.


Very true and lets praise each and I reckon the fact I can knit and crochet even simply is mighty fine lol As I get older I appreciate every day in my life even doing the simple things, like a good old cuppa tea and maybe a little chocolate xoxoxo


If you can knit - you’re a knitter. Makes me think of the quote “comparison is the thief of joy” as well. Lovely song.


I am a firm believer that you can knit anything you want. I am self taught mostly and it was way before the internet was invented. Now that there is video of demos at your fingertips, well, like I say you can do it!! I like that there are all sorts of skill level knitters and we were all beginners once.


Oh, this post hits home. If asked, I'll say that if you knit- with needles, a loom, or a machine- you're a knitter, and I really do mean that! But I also find myself constantly comparing my own projects and output to other people, and finding myself "lesser," which I definitely need to work on more!


Beautiful said! We all need to empower each other. I love this quote by Mariela Dabbah, "Women who support other women are confident, generous, visionaries." This is so true!!!! Love each other.


Thanks for bringing this up Andi! The knitting community for the most part is such a positive and kind one. There’s plenty of room for all!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Look at all those pretty socks! I'm working on a fadey pair that blends four colors. Except I don't like Color 1 and Color 2 together and kinda want to frog them. Not sure yet... Eep. Sock drama.


So well spoken ! And I agree with the comments above. What I think one should also keep in mind, is that instagram pics or vlog-episodes usually don't tell how much time was spent on all those finished objects. No, I don't crank out as many as some other, but I also like to read a book ( and can't combine those ), write handwritten letters, go out for a walk or run, play with the cats... and that's apart from 'obliged chores'. So comparing is never a good idea there, I suspect...


I agree totally.

Stephanie Yoo

I'm really glad you wrote about this, it adds a perspective that I think gets overlooked, and I have to admit I haven't really considered it. Thanks Andi and I hope you are doing well.


My best friend has started knitting and seems somewhat embarrassed for not yet buying expensive yarns. I told her than her knitting is beautiful and that she made very good choices. I think that there is indeed some yarn snobism out there. Thé important thing is to enjoy knitting and the friendship that often come with it !


You're a knitter if you use two needles and loop the yarn to make knits, purls, cables, etc. It doesn't matter what you knit as long as you're knitting something.

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