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Glad to read you had a happy birthday and that you are feeling better. I hope you don’t mind a question about Harry Potter. I am a retired teacher; I read the first book when it came out so I could see what all the excitement was about. I was very impressed with Rowling’s writing. However, I never read any of the other books, nor have I seen the movies. You look great in your photograph, so I doubt you are retired, but you are clearly not a 20-something either. I was wondering what appeal the Harry Potter series has for you? I have been pondering listening to the books on Audible.

Meredith Morgan

I hope you continue to feel better and a belated Happy Birthday. I have been on a Harry Potter marathon myself lately. I can't believe homw mus=ch I have missed the movies and see so much more every time I view them.


Happy belated birthday and glad you are feeling better. Hopefully, this week brings nothing but good things .... like bulldogs pooping rainbows!!!


Happy Belated Birthday! A few of my favorite people were born in September


The new blanket is beautiful. What a wonderful birthday gift. I hope you continue to feel better this week. Take good care.


your sister is AWESOME!! love the blanket - I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope you get even more better than ever and become a super speedy knitter (ha!)


Happy belated birthday! Lovely crochet blanket from your sister. May you continue to improve and wish you good health Andi. My sister was born in September...Virgo! Take care dear Andi!


Happy birthday! That blanket looks great.


Glad you are feeling a bit better, and that you got to celebrate with gratitude! That song- makes me think of my little James, when he gets all grown up. :)


Happy Birthday! That card is fantastic! And that blanket your sister made you! You must be feeling VERY special right now! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better; it's amazing what a few days of Harry Potter can do for a person :)


cute card with the rainbow coming out of his rear!
I truly love that crocheted blanket your sister made for you -- that is such wonderful sister love.

Joey B

So glad to see you are on the mend. :) Keep taking it easy and look after yourself.
Your birthday blanket gift is stunning. Happy birthday from me as well. Hugs. xx
And yes, dogs makes rainbows too. Not just unicorns. At least, I can definitely say that my dog at least think so too. :)
Take care and happy knitting when you can.

Cortney B

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful gift! I really want to have crochet blanket but have no desire to make one yet... I need to get on the good side of a crocheter :) I hope you continue to feel better and better!


Happy belated birthday! And so great to hear you are feeling much better! I also try to remind myself of all good things in my life instead of focusing on challenges right now, and it really helps to shift your mindset! Stay well!

kathy b

Happy Birthday . That blanket looks so lovely.


Happy belated birthday Andi! The card is really cute and the blanket is a wonderful gift. Great to know you are better!


I'm sorry you were unwell again but yay for celebrating one's birthday with loved ones. I love that your sister hooked that for you. I'm going up to my mama's tomorrow for a taco fiesta in honor of my passed birthday. I can't wait.

Deborah Eichel

I hope you had a nice birthday, and I hope you are feeling better.


Happy Belated Birthday Andi. Always wishing you the best.

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