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Oh, a big resounding YES to Doctor's who listen - how wonderful that you got the correct medication without trial and error.

Love those scrappy socks - I don't ever knit socks with light colours like that so I am loving how yours look.

Fall has arrived here in Toronto, Canada too - such a perfect time of the year - I will be outside in a warm sunny spot with some knitting and tea just as soon as chores are done.

Have a lovely day Andi.


I am a big fan of Fall.
I know September is mostly summer but I wilt under the heat and humidity. I do not mean to complain because September also is my birthday month. I just enjoy cooler temps and seeing the beauty of the outdoors and the leaves changing color. So many things in fall to enjoy.


Fall is the BEST .....the change of color in the trees, CIDER DONUTS, fall festivals .........there is SO much to love about fall.


Happy you are back to knitting, must feel so good! I live in a different climate, so September is very hot and humid, but the seasons click in October and I know I will need something woolly at night soon. And that feels nice.


Glad you are feeling better now! Fall is definitely my most favorite season - time to get out and hike in the woods, see the Fall colors in the trees, warm up with a camp fire. And...time to wear socks and sweaters!!


I am so happy that we're back in fall! I totally agree about doctors who listen and side projects for when you need a change- I often have nothing BUT dozens of side projects!

kathy b

I think it is important to have a side project for go to. This means I best start one! Im usually very monogamous with my knitting


Our weather is so confused. It feels like it has shifted to fall, it's the smell I think. But every now and again we have these pockets of full blown late summer sunshine. Walking at lunch time will leave me with a bit of a clammy glean. Then again, I sweat rather easily. TMI? It's the truth! LOL


Happy Fall Andi! I love fall because it gets cooler out and then you cosy up more with blankets and sweaters and it is perfect knitting weather! love your WIPs they look great!


So glad you are feeling better and that the medication is on track! I love those scrappy socks, and I'm with you on needing more than one project on the go at any particular time.


I love your scrappy socks Andi and I’m so glad you’re feeling better.


glad you have a doctor that listens, those are harder to find these days. My doctor is fabulous, and he takes care of all of my worries. I am totally into knitting this fall!!


I love the look of the Finullgarn yarn -- I love those soft earthy colours.
I too love fall. It's very different now that we live on the coast but I still love the colours and miss the beautiful aroma of autumn on the prairies. It's a lovely time of year.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Ack! Those are my favorite scrappy socks of All Time. I love them!!!

Caffeine Girl

So glad you are feeling better and on a good treatment plan.
I do love fall. The colors are gorgeous, but I think it's more a nostalgia thing. I always loved going back to school and the cooler weather. I was in the marching band in high school, and those were some of the best times of my life.
Your scrappy socks are just gorgeous!

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