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Oh dear Andi - so sorry you're not feeling great - praying that whatever is making you ill goes away very quickly and hoping it's not a recurrence of a previous issue.


Oh dear. I hope you feel better. The measure of sickness is the inability to knit:(


Get better Andi!


Love, warm hugs, and healing prayers for you dear friend!! xo

Caffeine Girl

I hope you feel better soon. Your blanket looks very cozy! It's a nice easy knit for a sick day.


Put your feet up and drink some more tea. Take good care and feel better soon. The blanket looks so cheery and comforting.


Hope you feel better soon x


Sorry to read you were not well, especially on a week-end.
Get well soon.


Hope you are feeling better soon, Andi.


feel better soon sweetie!!


Sending good thoughts your way... feel better soon!


Feel better very soon!!


I hope you feel better soon! Take care!


Oh goodness. I realize you will be feeling better by the time you come back online but I am so sorry you're not well. I do hope this will be something you are over with quick as a bunny. Hot tea and plenty of rest in the meantime. Hugs.


Get well soon !


Lots of naps and warm beverages! Hope you feel better quickly <3

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Aw drats. I hope you feel better soon. I will be thinking of you.


oh no, I hope that you are getting lots of rest and that your tea stash is bringing you a bit of respite from feeling blegh....


Oh, Andi, I hope you are feeling better by now, and that you are picking up your knitting again.


Hope you are feeling better, Andi.


You're always so sweet remembering everyone's birthday on the board and sending good thoughts to your many followers, so I hope you're feeling much better now and have time for a little knitting of your own. It's Wednesday, so you're halfway to the week-end! Sending you all the good energy and blessings.

Lynn B.

Hope you feel better soon, Andi!


Hope you feel better soon Andi. But yes, I know that "I feel like such crap I can't even knit" feeling. I lay there usually like a ragdoll. It's very attractive you know. It's the new seduction look, I'm pretty sure. LOL I dunno. My brain is weird today.

Take care of you. You know to just ask if you need anything. I'll knit a few rows today for you. xoxo


I hope you get to feeling better!


Sorry you're ill. Something is going around. Many of my daughter's teammates are falling ill lately. Get well soon.

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