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I am sure you and Maxx will soon figure a way to be together while you knit. When my daughter’s dog visit we have to figure things out with snuggles and knitting. It’s slower but companionable. Enjoy


When we were in the middle of all those moves (3 in 2 years), I knit A LOT. The problem was . . . it was crappy knitting and most of the time I frogged it all back out.

Maxx looks like such a sweet dog, but yes .... pets really slow down the production rate. LOL


Smiled at how Max has adopted you.

kathy b

I love the dogs celtic collar. How lovely to live with family for a bit. I'd love that here sometime. Just to know I'm helping and having the people I love most in theworld near me....that's heaven on earth


aw, you got a buddy :)


Sleeping Maxx is adorable but hopefully you can train him to not sleep on the knitting :) i agree that watching maker videos is a wonderful way to relax...I gave in & bought a subscription to creative bug when they had a special rate sale and have been watching videos on all sorts of crafts like English Paper Piecing and creative lettering before going to sleep.

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