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When using a next colour, I knit the first 4 stitches together with the previous colour and the new colour. Then I weave the previous thread a few stitches while knitting. Or use the floats knit system as in colour work knitting. Or just weave then when finished knitting the sock.


Good luck with your move. Where are you going?


I love the Russian Join whenever I need to join new yarn.

Cortney B

Oh, I just love those scrappy socks! I knit a pair for my son (who has since outgrown them and I have reclaimed them) last year. I wound up using the Back Join method, outlined really nicely on the techknitter blog: http://techknitting.blogspot.com/2007/07/back-to-back-join.html

I really like this method for socks because it makes it pretty easy to start your new color excatly where you want it in the round. Happy Sunday!

kathy b

I am a snobby purist. I like my socks to be one continuous strand of yarn. because I fear the weave ins. It is great that you challenged yourself . Im challenging myself with after thought heels on the current pair. Just changing it up a bit


Hope your move went well! Love the look of your scrappy socks they are so fun and colorful. Hope your cardigan is coming along nicely. Have a great week!


Love how your scrappy socks are knitting up! On my last pair, I used the same technique that Susan B. Anderson does: tie a half-hitch knot for extra security and then weave in a bit of the tail. My socks have lasted through multiple wearings and washing and you can’t feel the knots at all. For this year’s scrappy socks, I am just knitting a few stitches of the old & new yarns together then weaving in the tails.

Caffeine Girl

I love your scrappy socks, but have had the same thoughts as Michael. Given all the time that goes into socks, I'd probably go the old-fashioned but reliable way of weaving in ends.

Thanks for the videos. When I'm not so tired, I want to watch them. Maybe there is a better way!


Hi Andi

I have never tried scrappy socks but i may have to.

Happy belated birthday. i just actually went and read thru a couple of months of posts. i got behind. lol

I hope you have an awesome day!


Great links. I have a small stash of fingering and I keep thinking it would be fun to do a multi-color shawl but the ends are a conundrum


I have tried several methods and have found I do not like the Russian join results or the knots. But recently I tried the weaving-in-ends-as-you-go method like Dye another Day shows -- I really like the results of that method even if it is a bit slow. I do mine for 9-10 stitches. It may be slow but if you figure how much time is spent threading a needle then weaving in ends on each and every loose yarn end afterwards, it's much quicker than that. I really enjoyed this post -- thank you!


Personally, I don't mind weaving ends that much. When I weave, I use Swedish weaving. However. There is a pattern called Walking Stripes by Kristin Briney that has a technique to minimize the ends. It's meant for fingerless mitts but I don't see why it can't be used for socks.


I have tried the Dye Another Day but didn't feel confident enough that the ends would stay secure. I wouldn't mind trying it again. As for Very Pink, she has great tutorials and I think I came across this video once while being on Youtube. I wouldn't mind trying this one. I've saved your post to hopefully remind me about these techniques. I've done the double knot method for other projects. It's okay.

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