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Catherine Schack (KatyJ47

So good to have you back Andi! Missed you so much!


I laugh at the knitting is a dying art, the one I always get is “You’re too young to be knitting.” I’m 65 how old do you have to be.


well I highly doubt it's a dying art with ravelry being so successful! I cannot imagine life without knitting!!


'Dying art?' He's likely to be stabbed to death by a room of very healthy, young knitters. lol And knitting is not just for women...
Glad you're back.


Yup, blankets are my pups kryptonite too. So many people think of knitting and crocheting as only Grandma stuff. Granted, most of us learned it from our Grandma's, but.......how old were we when we learned? I was about 8 or 9 when I watched my Grandma knit and tat. I picked up the art when I was 13. My Grand daughter learned to knit from me when she was 6. She is now 13 and even though she doesn't work with it anymore, I know there will be a day when she will pick up those needles again and remember our time together. SO tell that 'gentleman' to stuff it! Phew......I feel better now LOL

Caffeine Girl

No, no one has ever told me that knitting is a dying art, but people have acted like I just told them that I churn my own butter!


Hi Andi. I'm glad you're back! I love your blog and look forward to reading it each week.
Over the years I have been asked if I still do my 'little crafty thing' (meaning knitting) by slightly sneering people who then ask me why I bother, when cloths are so cheap. I have learnt to not explain my need to create, my need to stitch and the feelings I have when I'm creating. It's enough for me knowing that there are people in the world who understand how I feel when I see yarn and needles :) I don't believe knitting is a dying art!


welcome back Andi! You 'sound' well -- I'm very happy for you.
I sure like the look of that lovely sock pattern.
I've read "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" twice now. Once, many years ago I think when the book first came out and then again last year one of the ladies in our book club picked it as her choice. I hope you enjoy it.
So pleased you're back.


glad you are back!!!!!

Kat Riddell

Mystic doesn't even need a blanket—he'll curl up on my yarn cake if I don't watch him closely enough!


hahahaha a dying art..... right up there with books are a dying medium.... not in our lifetimes! ;) Super adorable pupper, by the way.


Glad you're back Andi!! It's always a pleasure to see the beautiful things you create.


I'm cackling over here at "a dying art".


My friend told me her (young male) coworker decided to pick up knitting and his very first project is Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood's Cobblestone. She sent me a picture of his progress and I am just SO impressed on so many levels. His stitches are so even I'm politely envious!


Oh interesting. Two years ago I gave a little sweater as a baby shower gift. One of the grandmother's said, "oh that is beautiful. Knitting is getting to be a dying art." Since she was complimenting my work and the mom-to-be was a almost like a daughter to me, I refrained from the smart alec comment on the tip of my tongue. Always fun to see what you are knitting and reading.


I can't knit so that art, well...died...umm never was born in me :( . I love to see all knitting, it looks glorious!! Love your knitting!!


Love the sock pattern and the beautiful red yarn!


"I know Why the Caged Birds Sing" is a beautiful story and is an equally beautiful movie. Now I'm wondering whether I should read it again. Knitting a dying Art ? That is just so laughable. Ha Ha. I thought of making a sock pattern similar to yours but chose a different one. I prematurely made the cuffs with a Ktbl x purl and it didn't quite match with the "Socks of Kindness". In any case yours are lovely and though new to your blog I am enjoying it.


I've heard the "dying art" thing in a slightly less flattering tone ---- "I didn't think ANYBODY did THAT anymore." :::sigh:::

Love the Little Man crochet blanket trick. LOL And, I LOVE his Celtic Knot collar.


That is such a wrong impression of knitting. It is on the rise I think as so many people love to knit and crochet and of all ages. It is so interesting when you are really aware of something and part of it to see just how wrong and misinformed they are. But I agree it is a feeling of informing the individual but in that situation I might just say there are many knitters and then the topic might be changed. As long as we know the truth thats all that matters. Welcome back!


Hi Andi! It's nice to see you back in your online space. I hope all is well. It looks like you've been doing some beautiful knitting and maybe you have a new addition? He looks adorable snoozing away. xoxo


Hello from Belgium,

I am so glad you are back. You are my Sunday evening treat, before going to sleep and back to work on Monday.
I hope you are doing well.
Happy to say also that I learned t9 knit socks and that look forward to your future sock knitting posts.
Kind regardsm,

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