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The sample knit sweater is stunning Andi (I’ll have to check out Anne’s patterns) and I love the colors in your photos, the hat...it’s all so pretty. Glad you are back:)


Welcome back, Andi! I love all your beautiful colorwork, and I look forward to seeing your socks in upcoming posts.


Welcome back! You are always a ray of sunshine on Sundays (or Mondays... whatever!) Glad the time away was beneficial, your posts were missed


Your back now I can enjoy all your lovely knitting which I do very little of. Welcome back xo


Welcome back. I hope you are feeling rested and refreshed. Your knitting as always is lovely. Looking forward to some pink/pastel socks in progress.

Deb kuppusamy

Happy you’re back and feel rejuvenated. Missed you Andi


So happy to have you back! My Sundays haven’t been the same without your posts. Glad you feel refreshed and hope your health is well!


Welcome back. Knitting and reading sounds lovely. I am excited about the new KAL and need to take pictures to reboot the knitting notebook thread on the Ravelry Group.

Anna Jane

So glad you’re back and so happy to read the break refreshed you <3 Beautiful post as per usual my friend. xo


Yay! So happy you're back with such gorgeous knitting!

Natalie Hoppe

Welcome back! You were missed. Lovely sweater. I look forward to finding out which sock pattern you chose.

Jackie Webb

So pleased to see you back and feeling refreshed. Hope every thing is well in your world. We had a lovely 5 days over the past weekend spending time with our son and family for my birthday. I too am feeling very refreshed and thoroughly spoiled.


What a stunning sweater!! I love it, i'll probably end up adding it to my queue... I have Boy Snow Bird- it's on my must read list! Can't wait to hear your thoughts.


Welcome back, Andi! I have missed your posts. I hope you feel refreshed and ready for a new year.


The colorwork sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Happy to hear that the break was a good one but missed the weekly visits to your cozy space on the Internet. Welcome back!


That is a gorgeous sweater! It sounds like the time was good for you and that's all that matters. Looking forward to see what your KAL gets up to. I just finished a huge knitting roadblock and I'm set to pick up some socks back up but I'll be honest, I have TWO sweaters I really want to knit simply because they've been on the list forever and I'm that obsessive. Always wishing you well, Andi.


Welcome back!! I hope you are well rested and ready to go!


I am so happy that you are back!!!


Good to have you back Andi. Love the jumper x


So glad you are back. Your weekly visits fuel my knitting mojo

Caffeine Girl

So glad you are back! I missed you!

Jannette B.

SO glad to see you back, and I'm happy to hear that your "break" has been good for you! I usually set Sunday afternoons aside for blog reading, and I've missed your inspirational posts!
Looking forward to hearing about your reading.

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