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Knitting is my escape from my problems. I feel such a sense if peace while holding needles and yarn in my hands.


Knitting helps me settle down when I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Something simple like a hat is the perfect stress buster for me. Your little cabled socks are so pretty.

Ann B.

Definetely keep going on the pink socks! As for your question, solace, not stress for me.


I suppose it would depend on what I was knitting. But I tend toward simple patterns precisely because knitting is my relaxation and therapy.


Knitting is definitely relaxing for me. If I'm very stressed I pick up my knitting and sort of zen out with my breathing and making the stitches.

Those pink socks are beautiful. Happy knitting.

Vikki Ha

It depends on what the fluxx is and what I am working on. Intricate cables need lots of focus for me so I will resort to knitting something with miles of stockinette so I can just zone out if I need to tink or rip I am not attempting to deconstruct cables.

Jackie Webb

I just love to knit. I’m not particularly great at it but do get a sense of calm when knitting. Love your little project bag. I have one identical apart from the charm on the zipper. Was made for me by a bloggy friend and I love it and have had some lovely comments on it.

Victoria Wilkes

I am one of those people who can't knit if I'm really upset or stressed! It's my happy thing to do, and somehow I can't get excited about knitting if I'm feeling down.


It also depends on what I'm knitting and what I want to get out of the process of knitting. If I am super stressed and my mind keeps dwelling on things that I rather it would not, I pick up something a little more complicated like a lace pattern. Something that keeps my mind away from my worries. However, if I truly just want to rest, I pick up a blanket I've been knitting for a while and just knit. Nothing complicated...just knit. Then I get caught up in the rhythm of it all. Truly a meditative state.

I also say stay on the pink cabled socks until they are finished. (I love knitting cables.) Then put them on and knit several of your WIPs. Here in Tucson, I was done with winter more than a month ago. ARRGH!! Thank goodness it's warmed up some. Rain is due again on Friday. I may need a new pair of swim fins before summer gets here. What I'd give for a couple of beautiful 90+ degree days. Ahhhhh


I am in love with the cable I will have to learn how you do it. For me knitting is a huge stress reliever but sometimes when I am way too stressed knitting just becomes too much for me.

Kat Riddell

For me, knitting can either give me time to think or help me clear my mind. It really depends on what's going on. I love the cable on that pink sock so much! Both of those other sock WIPs look charming too, I can't wait to see them all knit up!


Knitting clears my mind, kind of resets it to 0. It is meditative in that I pretty much think of nothing. Reading however, which I also love, goes out the window when I'm stressed or depressed. I know I'm off the rails when I can't concentrate on a book.


Knitting for me is very meditative and calming. Love your pink socks - so pretty.


Knitting is definitely an escapism for me when I am stressed. It sort of forces me to forget what I'm worrying about, and just focus on each stitch.


Love, love, love those pink socks!!!! I feel that working on crochet makes me think slower and breath slower thus it helps me calm down and leave my anxieties aside.


Knitting is definitely my respite from stress. However when I am really upset I need to stick to something mindless and repetitive .... it is like a mantra for my hands.


You've reminded me darling how I need more pink in my life.


Knitting for me is my sanity line, it calms me down and levels me out.


Knitting is my solace and my refuge.


Nice socks you have on the go! I find that knitting usually helps me to de-stress so it helps me when I am stressed. The easier the knit the better though.


What a great question, Andi! I have to say, knitting remains my happy and peaceful place in terms of "real life" state of mind. Sometimes when I cannot sleep, I try to visualize knitting stockinette. The only time knitting riles me up is when I'm struggling with getting it right, while actually doing it, but I just see this as project / pattern frustration opposed to me thinking about the actual crap that is a tangle IRL, as the kids say. Here's to happy knitting for us all xoxo


Knitting definitely clears my head. I love the cables sock pattern so much that I think I’ll have to cast on a pair.

Jane A. Wolfe

Most times knitting is a solace. If the stress is overwhelming, then sometimes I can knit and other times not. I say if the pink socks make you happy, knit on the pink socks.


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