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I am so glad you are feeling well. It does do wonders for one's outlook on life. I don't think it hurts knitting either. Your socks look marvelous. I too am amazed when I stick to one or two projects and they get finished. A lesson I have learned more than once. Have a good week.


Hope is going well Andi! Thank you for sharing about lovely yarns and your projects. We don't live in the city but when we go there next time I will look for yarn at the target store.


Shut the front door. Yarn at Target? I need to check out mine just to see. That Himalayan Salt colorway is SO pretty!


I love the color-coordinated photo of your Feathering the Nest sock, such a beautiful yarn, and pattern. The Wooly Wonka self-striping yarn looks delightful to knit with for spring. So pleased to hear you are feeling well!
Thank you so much for your kind words and your friendship. I appreciate both so much!

Caffeine Girl

So glad you are getting healthy. I know how it is to have these medical ups and downs. Not fun!
That is beautiful yarn and I will be checking it out - not that I need more yarn!
Yarn at Target? That could be very dangerous. I live quite close to a Target, too.
My son is moving to Phoenix this summer! His girlfriend is going to earn her D.O. (medical) degree at a school there. I've never been to AZ, but it looks like I'll get there sooner rather than later.


Glad to hear you are going well and oh yes I still love seeing your socks on the needles all of them ♥ Here very little in the crochet or knit.....maybe I should try the vanilla pattern....Weather nice so feeling good here xoxo

Kat Riddell

Yay for good health! I'm thrilled to hear about yarn at Target—the closest one is an hour from me, but I've thought for years that it was a shame they didn't carry yarn!

Jackie Webb

Oh I agree with you. Jeannine is a lovely person and I’m s glad that she has started her blog up again, I really missed it. Your sicks look amazing and the lavender yarn/sock looks great. So glad to hear that you are feeling well, long may it continue.


Your socks in progress are lovely. Especially love the stitch pattern on Feathering the Nest and will be looking in the stash for a yarn to knit one up soon. I wish I had known about the new yarns at Target since I was just there yesterday. The colors look so bright & fun! Hope that your health continues to improve Andi! I think the Spring weather is lifting everyone’s mood.


huh? yarn at target? amazing, I don't have a target around here sadly. The weather has improved here and I've been happy to wear a spring jacket most days.

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